25 maj 2007

Son John Doe

Erikson, Nils - On The VergeText & musik

Nilla Nielsen (text)
Nils Erikson (musik)


Nils Erikson


25/5 2007 på albumet On the Verge

Köp & lyssna


When the darkness’ falling and the fields are sleeping
I am restless to my bones
I was not the father like a true companion
When you signed your soul to fall
And I grieve, how stolen is our time
Oh my son John Doe

May you keep no worry may there be no trouble
May your step be blessed and safe
Keep your dreams together and your eyes shut open
Waiting, for the kiss of grace
And how I dream, I could turn back time for my son John Doe
Just promise me, don’t fall into the line

Where the bullets singing and there’s no one winning you are running for The Cold
May there be an angel watching closely for you over fiery fields of war
Where you will be, sheltered from the storm, oh my son John Doe
When will I see, you smile at our doorstep

Will I hear your heart beat, will I know you’re homebound
When the skyline’s red like blood
I’ll be waiting for you at the frozen Blue Lake
We’ll be swimming there next spring
Oh in my dream you’ll be coming home soon, my son John Doe
Oh in my dream we’ll be living in peace