25 maj 2007

End of Innocence

Erikson, Nils - On The VergeText & musik

Nilla Nielsen (text)
Nils Erikson (musik)


Nils Erikson
Nilla Nielsen (medverkar på sång)


25/5 2007 på albumet On the Verge

Köp & lyssna


Watch the water, watch the rage
We are the growing plague who condemn the sage
Watch me tremble watch me fade
Truth cuts right through me clean like a sharpened blade

No more dancing in the rain
Singing la-ti-dam
This is the merciless
End of innocence

Sky blue tears and fire red
This is the predator will it soon be fed

No more dancing in the rain
Singing la-ti-dam
We’re all outcasts here
Reason of the state

Oh when I look outside my door
Atmosphere at war
We can’t take this anymore
And I say hey, I can hear the children cry
Asking us oh why, why the hell we didn’t try
I really wish that we would try

Stand the damage, stand your call
What was divinity is about to fall
Light the sparks now, light the change
This is the flaming truth it is in our range

No more dancing in the rain
I hear an ancient voice in my brain
Is this the merciless
End of innocence?

Oh when I look…