Tiger (english)

Tiger (english)

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Title: Tiger

Author: Nilla Nielsen

Release day: 14 november 2017

Type: E-book suspense novel

Language: English

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The female main character ”Signe”, who goes by the nickname ”Tiger”, carries a complicated and dark past. You follow her physical and spiritual journey as she breaks free from an abusive relationship with a psychopath, leaves Stockholm and takes refuge in a martial arts camp in Asia. But back in Sweden her demon awaits her return and she is forced to take brutal action to survive. She moves to USA where she creates a new life. In New York she gets recruited by ”Law of Nature”, a secret organization of influential celebrities. As an undercover agent Tiger takes on dangerous missions to make the world a better place. She infiltrates ruthless gangs, fights for her life on a shark fishing boat – and in the attempts to save her ”namesakes” she stumbles upon human trafficking.

Parallel the story of her childhood and family relations enfolds. Her father’s sudden and mysterious death leaves clues she is compelled to investigate.

This novel is also a story about relations and sisterhood. The main strong characters of the book are female, and the story shows that women can accomplish more than they think. Especially together.


”Incredibly good. I am totally rapt by the intrigue and the narrative technique. It is impossible to put this novel down once you’ve started to read it. I strongly recommend it!”

Roger Pettersson, World Animal Protection

”If you’re into animal rights, suspense and women who choose their own paths, then this is a novel for you. This is a real page turner, more of this in the bookshelves!”

Camilla Bergvall, Swedish Animal Rights (Djurens Rätt)

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