25 maj 2007

Painting Windows

Erikson, Nils - On The VergeText & musik

Nilla Nielsen (text)
Nils Erikson (musik)


Nils Erikson


25/5 2007 på albumet On the Verge

Köp & lyssna


She paints the windows, from templates in her mind
A perfect world relieved from evil
And in her living room the clouds are never dark
Painted glass, iridescent

She’ll never stroll the river banks of Notre Dame
But every bliss is just illusion
Where pharaohs and cockatoos surround her sun
She needs no godspeed for this run

Now hey, the wind will never kiss your playing hair
You closed the door to love and reason
She paints an angel in the corner of her room
To keep that candlelight alive

Now hey, the colors brightly glaring from the ledge
The faces painted so familiar
But nothing touches you these sunny afternoons
Painting windows keeps you safe
Out of harms way