04 juni 2010

I Don’t Know How to Fall in Love Anymore

Text & musik

Nilla Nielsen


1/9 2003 på singeln Bite Me (originalversionen)
4/6 2010 på albumet Higher Ground (ny version)


I don’t know how to fall in love anymore
As a kid I found it easy, but my heart has shut the door
I don’t really like to talk about it, and I have
Always kept things to myself inside this crazy head
And sometimes it doesn’t matter to me at all
But sometimes I miss someone to hold

Sometimes I’m waiting for somebody to come
Somebody to sweep me off my feet and take me in his arms and run
But I don’t know if that moment will ever come
And until that day I guess I’ll live like a nun
Suppose you think I’m sounding like a really lonely girl
And sometimes that is true, yes, but mostly life is pearl

I don’t really know the last time I was deeply in love
Was still just a child, loving and wild, must have been 1985
I don’t really need a man now to live my life
But in a cold night I feel lonely and my heart it feels like ice
Still it isn’t as bad as it sounds you see, cause we’re doing pretty ok here,
my guitar and me

And I’ve really tried a lot of times to fall in love
But I guess I failed each time, maybe each time I tried too hard
I tried a lot of times, but I guess I failed each time maybe I didn’t try hard enough
I tried n’tried and tried, but I guess I failed each time
Still I don’t know what I do wrong