27 november 2004

Goldfish in a Bowl

Redemption Sky (stor)Text & musik

Nilla Nielsen


27/11 2004 på albumet Redemption Sky
23/1 2005 som musikvideo

Köp & lyssna





Oh, I heard there’s summer, a little further down the road
and I am (just) stuck here, just like a goldfish in a bowl
Think I need some sunlight to shine into the depths of this wounded heart
I’m leaving Sweden , I think, I need a brand new start
Now what are you gonna do, slit your wrists and bleed away?
Cause I can’t leave
No I can’t leave and I can’t stay

Oh I guess I have to keep on running as long as there’s stories to be told
Cause when it’s over, when it´s over oh what´s left but being cold
Oh you shiver you say I look so goddamn fine
And oh, Oh you’re a trigger on the, on the border line
Now what I’m gonna do, I gotta save this drowning soul
I’m stuck, I’m stuck here, just like a goldfish in a bowl
Just like a goldfish

Oh, I’m restless, oh I am more than flesh and bone
Oh you want everybody and I don’t need to be alone
Oh I don’t think that this country’s big enough for the two of us
Oh each time I see you my self esteem just turns to dust
Now what you’re gonna do? Watch me burn and drink away
Well I can’t watch, oh I can’t leave and I can’t stay
I can’t leave and I can’t stay


Inspelad av: Kristoffer Karlsson Rus


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