04 juni 2010

Good Feeling

Higher Ground (stor)Text & musik

Nilla Nielsen


4/6 2010 på albumet Higher Ground

Köp & lyssna





I’ve been, I´ve been wasting time
I’ve been low and feeling down
But come on we can feel alive
And shine from inside out
If you want, baby you can hang around
Have a little fun, dream a little dream be my sunbeam
We’ll fell all right

I have a good good feeling in my heart today
And it´s a perfect day for a brand new start
I have a good good feeling in my heart
I have a good, good….feeling

I swear I will live my life
The way I want it
I swear I will treat myself allright
Cause I deserve it
I know it´s good I know it´s true
From deep inside
And all my love, all my light
I’ll never hide it

Baby come outside with me
let’s eat and play and dance be free
I don’t which way we´re going but
Can’t you see my love is flowing
I’m gonna mesmerize you, energize you
I have a good good feeling in my heart

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